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City Commission

The City Commissioners are elected to serve a four year term. Terms for the four Commissioners are staggered in that every year, one of the four Commissioner seats is up for election. Commissioners are term limited to two consecutive terms in office. The Mayor serves a four year term. The City Commission sets policy for the City, approves the annual budget, and enacts legislation to provide for the safety and welfare of the City. The elected governing board members of the City Commission also serve as Trustees of the Kingfisher Public Works Authority, Kingfisher Special Projects Authority, and Kingfisher Recreation Authority.

Wendell Prim, Ryan Deatherage, Mayor Roxie Alexander, Geoff Covalt, Kyle Mecklenburg

City Commissioners


Mayor Roxie Alexander

Mayor Roxie Alexander was seated in July of 2020 after serving as a City Commissioner since elected to office in April of 2013. Roxie was born and raised in Kingfisher and takes great pride in representing the community. Mayor Alexander is married to Jimmy Alexander and their son Logan is in the film industry in Los Angeles. Roxie is active in the Kingfisher County Republican Womens Association.


Wendell Prim Sr

Wendell Prim was sworn into office on April 13, 2015. He is dedicated to Kingfisher and active in the community. Wendell is retired from Pioneer Telecommunications in Kingfisher and also serves as Pastor at God’s Covenant Church in Kingfisher. Commission Prim is also Vice Mayor, appointed to this position in July of 2020. 


Commissioner Geoff Covalt

Geoff Covalt was seated in office in October of 2021. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University. He is the Market Leader of Oklahoma Transportation for CEC engineering, and has extensive experience in civil and transportation engineering. Geoff and his wife Shana have a daughter, Reagan, and two sons, Cooper and Cade.

Commissioner Kyle Mecklenburg

Commissioner Mecklenburg was seated in office in July of 2020. He the Associate Director of Business Development with Aspira Labs; CEO of KMBT Properties; and a Reserve Deputy with the Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Department. Kyle holds a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Oklahoma. Kyle was born and raised in Kingfisher. Kyle and his wife Melissa are proud parents of two active children, Braxton and Talor. Commissioner Mecklenburg has also serves on the Kingfisher County Criminal Justice Center Authority. 

2023 Annual City Commission Meeting Dates

Dates for the City of Kingfisher, Kingfisher Public Works Authority (KPWA), Kingfisher Special Projects Authority, Kingfisher Recreation Authority meetings for the year 2023.

All meetings held at 5:30 p.m. at Kingfisher City Hall located at 301 N Main.

January 09
February 13
March 20

April 10
May 08
June 12

July 10
August 14
September 11

October 10 (Tuesday)
November 13
December 11