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Rental Property Listings

Rental Property Owners & Resources

This is a list of Rental Property Owners who provide us with their contact information. There are others who have rental properties that are not on this list.  You may also check with the local newspaper, Kingfisher Times & Free Press, for listings.


AW Buswell Family919-344-2383
Bobby Dennis405-202-3641
Brian Walter405-368-6775
Dalton Buck405-818-1498
Dana Boutwell 405-615-9220
Janet Willms405-808-8622
K&L Ventures405-823-4514
Kenneth Glazier405-368-5556
Kenneth Todd 405-375-3828
Marilyn Aurthurs405-314-5542
MIRP Enterprises405-368-4825
Montie Bullis405-375-5280
Sylvia Nettleton405-237-1051
Terry Long405-368-2550


Dagan Boeckman580-678-6087


Aspen Ridge Duplexes405-408-5475
Melody Hiebert 417-299-3009
OnPoint (Mitchell Dr.)405-488-4356


Holiday Inn Express 405-375-3210
Cattlemen’s Inn405-375-3181
Payless Inn405-375-9000
Tower-Inn Okarche 405-263-4853

Real Estate Agents

Century 21 Goodyear Green405-368-4884
Hill Real Estate405-375-3814
Margaret Phillips Realty405-368-7457


Autumn Trace (over 55)405-375-6020
Meadows Glen405-212-4797
Oak Apts. (Okarche)405-212-4798

Mobile Home & RV Spaces

Aspen Ridge RV Park (Celeste) 405-408-5475
Henry’s RV405-375-3892
Major Mobile Home Park (Montie Bullis)405-375-5280
Kingfisher RV Park (Andrew Green)405-368-1130
Phillips Mobile Home Park405-375-4408
Sleepee Hollow RV Park405-375-5010
Steve Wittrock405-641-4930

Commercial Property Spaces

Dana Boutwell405-615-9220
Dennis Mueggenborg405-375-4257

City Offices

Kingfisher City Hall405-375-3705
Dover City Hall 405-828-4212
Okarche Town Hall 405-263-7290
Cashion City Hall 405-433-2243