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To learn more about our municipal electric system, please click on the link below

 Understanding My Municipal Electric System An Overview of Kingfisher Electric


Do you think you pay too much or too little for utility services in Kingfisher?  Check out the 2016 MESO Summer Rate Survey to see how our rates compare to other public power communities.

 2016 MESO Summer Rate Survey & Analysis

The Kingfisher Public Works Authority is a public trust of the City of Kingfisher.  The KPWA works in conjunction with the City to provide electric, water and sewer for our 2,600 electric and 4,800 water customers.

The KPWA manages the infrastructure for water, sewer and electric services, providing for current needs and projecting for future growth and development within the community.

For utility emergencies, please contact 375-3705 Monday through Friday from 8:30-4:30.

For after hours, holidays and weekends call our toll free number 844-786-7830.

Public Works Departments

Customer Service

Customer Services can be reached at 375-3705 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30pm or in person at City Hall at 301 N. Main Street.  Utility bills are due by the 15th of every month.  If the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, the next working day is available to make payment.  Payment drop boxes are available in the west entrance to City Hall, and the east drive through at City Hall.

Transactions for new account services and disconnection of current services are provided at City Hall.

For utility emergencies, please contact 375-3705.  

For utility emergencies after hours, weekends or holidays, please call  844-786-7830.


Electric Department

Kingfisher is a public power community with wholesale power purchased from the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority generated from hydroelectric, coal and natural gas plants as well as wind generation from the Canadian Hills Wind Farm. 

A majority of services within the City are provided by  the Kingfisher Electric Department.  Superintendent Mark Gambill and his crew are responsible for maintaining  electric service, lines, poles, right of ways and  establishing services.

Mark can be reached at (405)375-3678 or via  email

For utility emergencies, please contact 375-3705.

For after hours, weekends and holidays call our toll free number 844-786-7830.

Cimarron Electric Co-Operative, located north of the City, provides electric services to rural customers in the area.  Cimarron Co-Op can be reached at (405)375-4121.

power plant

Power Plant

The KPWA maintains a power generation facility with capabilities to provide power to all residential customers in the event of a power loss from external feeds.  The facility is a combination of modern technology and reliable mechanics.  To schedule a tour of the facility, please leave a message for Winchester Smith at (405)375-3705.

Water & Waste Water

The City of Kingfisher Water and Waste Water Services are managed under the leadership of Jeremiah Homier.  Water for our customers is pulled from wells north of town and treated to comply with the regulatory mandates of the Department of Environmental Quality.  The City utilizes a Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) system to process wastewater at a facility northeast of town.

Jeremiah can be reached at (405)375-4617 or via email.

For utility emergencies, please contact 375-3705.

For after hours, weekends and holidays call our toll free number 844-786-7830.


Sanitation services are provided under contract with Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority.  Residential collection is Wednesday.  A 95 gallon poly cart is provided to all residential customers for sanitation collection.  Commercial collection is available in frequency and size of containers that best suit the individual customer’s needs, ranging from a two yard container with once a week collection to an eight yard container collected daily.  Please contact City Hall directly at 375-3705 for sanitation needs.

Roll-off containers are available through OEMA.

The City maintains a convenience center for recyclables and occasional excess residential household waste that does not fit in the polycart.  Green waste (limbs, brush, grass clippings) are also accepted here.  Residential customers must present current utility bill and picture ID to access services.  This facility is a collection site, not a landfill.  Trailers are not accepted at the Convenience Center as all sanitation is hauled to the OEMA landfill in Union City. Questions about services may be directed to Bobby Lumpkin at (405)375-3691.

For more information regarding the Convenience Center, please click below:


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