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Sales Tax Proposition

Sales Tax Proposition

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the City of Kingfisher will have a proposition on the ballot asking voters to support a 1/3rd cent sales tax for Capital Improvement Projects.  This is a NEW tax, but will be replacing a 1/3rd cent sales tax that expires in October 2020.  This NEW sales tax will not increase our sales tax rate.  If approved, it will take effect January 1, 2020.  For more information please call us at 405-375-3705 or email 

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The first project to be completed with this new tax is the construction of a new fire station on the site of the current station.  The current fire station was built in 1976 for a three-person crew and three vehicles offering 3,200 square feet for vehicles and equipment and 2,500 square feet for crew living quarters and administrative offices.  Kingfisher Fire/EMS currently operates with a six person shift and has 14 vehicles.  The City is currently renting a 5,000 square foot building to store secondary response vehicles and equipment because all equipment will not fit in the station.

Funding from this new tax will also provide for infrastructure and street maintenance and improvements including electric, water, and sewer improvements.   Future projects that can be funded from this tax include a civic center for community use collocated with city hall ; a new library; park improvements; and a new senior citizen center.  All projects using funds from this new tax will require approval of the City Commission.  Funds from this sales tax will not be used for general fund operations of the City nor salaries of personnel.

The City of Kingfisher is funded through City Sales Tax, Utility Revenues and Fees.  The sales tax funds City Service such as police, fire, streets, parks, cemetery, library, administration and code enforcement.  Sales tax is levied on all goods, materials and products purchased within the City limits.  Sales tax, which fund core City Services, is paid by everyone making a purchase in the city limits regardless if they are a resident or non-resident of the City of Kingfisher.   Whereas revenues from utility services and fees are only paid by the users.  The City of Kingfisher receives no funding from Ad Valorem (property tax) or income taxes.

The current tax distribution of the current 3.335% rate is 1% committed to the payment of the Kingfisher Hospital Construction Bond (through 2038); 2% to the General Fund to include Police, Fire/EMS, Parks, Streets, Library, Cemetery and General Government; and .335% for the Aquatic Center Rehabilitation Project (through Oct. 2020).  The passage of the new sales tax will not change the 3.335% rate nor the distribution.  The current .335% for the Aquatic Center renovation will be committed to Capital Improvements.

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Capital Improvement Projects provide for new construction, expansion, renovation or replacement of an existing facility or infrastructure to include utilities and streets; major specialized equipment; and maintenance or rehabilitation of existing facilities and infrastructure to extend service life and use.  The City Commission assesses, prioritizes and approves a Capital Improvement Plan annually.  The 2020 plan identifies over $23 million in Capital Improvement Projects to sustain operations for both the short and long-term future.  The City reviews, assesses and prioritizes the Capital Improvement Plan annually.

Estimated revenues for this new tax are $350,000 – $400,000 per year based on previous sales tax history.  Over time, this provides the City with financial stability through a committed and dedicated restricted fund to be used for Capital Improvement Projects to sustain and improve infrastructure to serve you better, while providing for future growth and development.

The City strives to be good stewards of your money.  Some of our recent accomplishments to enhance our quality of life in Kingfisher include:

  •          Splashpad at Shaw Park
  •          Holiday Inn Express & Suites
  •          Playground of Dreams in partnership with AmBucs at Oklahoma Park
  •          Trails improvements and extensions
  •          North Welcome Center with a sapling from the OKC Bombing Memorial Survivor Tree

The City is currently working on the Kingfisher Newfield Community Park, a 35-acre redevelopment of the West Bottom with a pond, bandshell amphitheater, and trails able to host events and festivals one block from Main Street.

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