Kingfisher Living

Kingfisher is a city in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, United States. As of 2005, the city is estimated to have a total population of 4,501. It is the county seat of Kingfisher County. Kingfisher is one of those towns which came into existence on April 22,1889, when land owned by the federal government was opened to settlement by “land run.” A huge area in what is now central Oklahoma was literally “peopled” by European-Americans overnight.

The city is situated on a part of the Chisholm Trail, over which millions of Texas longhorns were driven to railheads in Kansas in the years immediately following the Civil War. Extension of the railroads and settlement of the open range ended this colorful era. Kingfisher’s main permanent tourist attractions are the Chisholm Trail Museum, and the Gov. Seay Mansion nearby. These facilities preserve relics and information of the community’s unique heritage.

Kingfisher is notable for being the birthplace of Sam Walton.

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