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1213 S. Main Street
Kingfisher, OK 73750
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Phone 405-375-3913

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Rick Black
Phone: 405-375-3913

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In the winter of 1960, Wilbur and Fern Atwood moved from southwestern Minnesota to Enid, Oklahoma to start a new business. They opened their first Atwoods store with the intention of providing farm and ranch supplies at discount prices in a family friendly atmosphere.

In the years that followed, the Atwood's worked to ensure each customer felt that same comfortable feeling each time they visited. They wanted the shopping to feel neighborly - for folks to not only find great value in the everyday low prices, but enjoy the experience, and feel as welcome as if they were in their own home.

Today, Atwoods is still family owned, covering a five state area, with 55 stores in operation and more on the way. The number of stores has grown, and the number of product lines has grown along with it, but the value and commitment to the customer still remains.

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy their shopping experience. We hope you'll stop by and shop with free popcorn in-hand and have your questions answered by an associate who feels more like a friend. Atwoods has all the items a customer needs, whether they're tending a back patio or working a full ponderosa, we're a neighbor to them all. Because at Atwoods - It's Just Like Coming Home.


  • Clothing
  • Farm Supply Store
  • Hardware Store
  • Home Supply Store
  • Pet Supplies

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