In 1927 the Kingfisher Chamber of Commerce was organized by a group of forward thinking businessmen who cared deeply about our city and the surrounding agricultural community. They respected the spirit of the early pioneers who faced many hardships to get here and chose to remain with a determination to provide a better life for their families.  That spirit and commitment has continued for the past 87 years and remains as strong as ever today.



Chamber Membership

Our Business is Your Business

The Kingfisher Chamber of Commerce has member investors from a cross-section of our business and non-profit-community.  Together we work to move Kingfisher forward in the areas of business climate, quality of life, economic development and tourism.  By harnessing our strengths, tasks are accomplished that one business cannot do alone.  Get involved in the community and increase your visibility by joining the Chamber.  By investing in the Chamber you are making a statement that you are committed to the future of Kingfisher and your business.  A  prosperous community for all of us is our goal...that's what your  membership will help us maintain!

A Chamber of Commerce doing things most people feel just happen!

Membership Application

Our Responsibility

...to make general statistical information available which may be necessary and valuable for the promotion and development of Kingfisher.

...to encourage the development of new industries as well as the retention of existing businesses.

...to enhance and promote the community's educational, medical, social, cultural and recreational facilities.

...to increase business through promotional opportunities, educational and tourism efforts.

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